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7 Customer Service Phrases That Are Bound to Delight

February 14, 2018


Effectively communicating with customers is an art, not an exact science. Using customer service phrases that delight customers and humanize interactions is essential for building rapport and gaining customers’ loyalty and trust. Some of these phrases may seem simple, but they hold tremendous weight for customers hungry for focused attention and answers. They leave behind a positive, customer-first impression that anyone can appreciate.

  1. Certainly, I’d be happy to help!

Seeking assistance can be awkward. Sometimes customers feel silly or even intrusive reaching out to your customer support teams. Being greeted by a friendly agent who is eager to help infuses the call with positivity from the start.

  1. Thanks for bringing this to our attention

When customers inform you of faulty products or service issues or even just a website glitch, they’re doing you a favor. They’re helping you with quality control and potentially improving the satisfaction of future customers. An appreciative thanks makes a complaining customer feel like an unsung hero for your organization.

  1. Thank you / you’re welcome

Despite being the building blocks of friendly conversation, these basic customer service phrases are used less frequently in call centers than customers would expect. Not hearing them can be jarring or even come across as disrespectful. Using similar phrases like “we appreciate your business” don’t always carry the same weight or sincerity as a simple “thank you.” 

  1. I’d be frustrated too

Customers crave empathy. When they’ve encountered a problem, of course they want resolution, but first, they want you to hear their situation and acknowledge how it impacted them. If they find you’re sincere in your understanding or that you can relate to the inconvenience, they’re more likely to trust that you’ll take the proper steps to resolve and prevent it from happening again.

  1. As much as I’d like to help…

There will come a time when a customer’s request is beyond your service capacity or maybe it just goes against a company policy. Whatever the case, if you must let someone down, it’s best to do it gently. “I can’t help you with that” is simply too negative. Starting with “as much as I’d like to help…” adds a little bit of courtesy and friendliness to the rejection or rerouting to another department.

  1. Let me look into that for you

When faced with a question they aren’t sure of the answer, too many agents simply say, “I don’t know.” Others will justify that lack of knowledge with a “Sorry, I’m new.” While that does make your staff seem relatable, it also makes them seem uninformed and unreliable. Looking into the issue further to gather the right information makes your agent seem less like a road block to resolution and more like a team player ready to go the extra mile to help a customer.

  1. I appreciate your patience

Customer service phrases like this are crucial, especially if you know your call center has longer wait times. Starting off a call acknowledging that you respect the customer’s time doesn’t change the fact that you kept them waiting, but it can diffuse disappointment and frustration. Like #4, they want you to acknowledge the inconvenience and be sincere about it.

Delivering high-quality customer service starts with the way you speak to your customers. Always strive for conversations over robotic exchanges. To achieve this, your customer service phrases should exude respect, appreciation, and kindness. That’s how you keep the conversation moving towards a productive resolution and keep your customers.


3 Easy Agent Strategies for Stronger Customer Loyalty

February 8, 2018


Many studies have shown that increasing customer loyalty is cheaper, easier, and more profitable than attracting new customers. One Bain & Company report, for example, said that a 5% increase in customer retention could increase profits up to 25%. Customer loyalty is easier to earn than some business leaders may think. It’s all about building better customer relationships based on what the customer perceives as valuable. Sometimes it’s money, but often it’s their time that’s more valuable to them.

That’s why your call center and customer support channels are perfect places to start enhancing customer loyalty. These spaces are where customers frequently interact with you and are often where they experience the most frustration.

Here’s three things you can do to strengthen your call center team and build stronger customer loyalty:

  1. Ditch stiff scripts and re-humanize customer service

Relying on point-by-point call scripts removes personality and humanity from your customer service communications. Though designed to expedite resolution and provide service consistency, they often have the opposite effect. Too much scripting can leave customers feeling “processed”, like a number at a deli not like a real person and certainly not like a valued customer.

A more customer-centric option is to utilize a frequently asked question (FAQ) knowledge base and set guidelines and workflows that will lend additional structure to the call handling process. More flexibility lets your reps act like humans and treat inbound calls as conversations, not just another call.

  1. Give personality more weight in call center hiring

Many call centers hire based on prior customer service experience, but a thorough training program can teach workflows and your support’s technical components. It’s much harder to develop the soft skills and demeanor that customer-centric services are built upon like listening, compassion, and a genuine eagerness to help others. Agents with a positive and friendly attitude are essential to making customers feel appreciated and forms a stronger foundation for building a valuable relationship.

  1. Lean on active listening

Active listening, a communication technique where the listener fully understands, concentrates, remembers, and acknowledges the speakers’ point of view, can boost a customer’s call experience. When a customer feels listened to, it can turn an unpleasant conversation around and provide opportunities for agents to ask more questions. Customers, in turn, feel more comfortable and disclose additional information that can help agents find the best and most effective resolution path.

This technique continues to pay off after the call completes. Not only did you resolve the issue and likely address any secondary concerns, but the customer will hang up feeling appreciated and cared for. Plus, the feedback you receive through active listening has the potential to help you correct pain points in your support processes and general issues with your products.

Building stronger customer loyalty begins with your call center and its agents. Don’t define call support only by whether you resolved the issue or not. It’s just as important to understand how the issue was resolved and how the customer’s overall experience contributes to loyalty.