How Student Call Centers Benefit Busy Campus Departments


Generation Z is the most connected generation yet. From ride sharing to grocery delivery to streaming media, today’s students expect prompt results and top-notch customer service. In an effort to stay on top of this trend, many schools are turning to student call centers as solutions to strengthen their outreach, recruiting, and retention metrics. Some elect to create a call center in-house, staffed with students or entry-level employees, while others seek out third-party solutions. So what advantages do student call centers offer busy universities?

  1. Improved customer service

Having personnel who are dedicated to helping your students is the surest way to offer a top-notch experience. Providing a list of frequently asked questions with their answers not only helps a student call center representative rapidly deliver information to the student, but also streamlines your operations by reducing confusion from the get-go. When your calls are handled by trained professionals who understand the nuances of customer service, rather than employees who are managing other duties as well, student satisfaction levels will inevitably rise.

  1. Managing seasonal peaks and valleys

A successful student call center understands and scales to meet the seasonally driven fluctuations in volume. Busy periods, such as admissions, add/drop, and financial aid deadlines can be challenging to your already overloaded staff. Transferring those time-consuming calls to a call center that’s in place and ready to go before the deluge starts lets your people focus on the tasks essential to their roles. It also means that your students – who themselves may be stressed out during these busy periods – are assisted by friendly professionals whose only job is to help them find the information they need, and quickly.

  1. Increased flexibility

Dedicated student call centers can increase campus departments’ overall flexibility. For example: let’s say you have several dozen students who are eligible for a tuition discount from their employer, but the deadline for applying for the discount is rapidly approaching. A short-term calling campaign can reach out to the qualifying students and help them complete the necessary paperwork. This “extra-mile” effort can make a difference in retaining students from underserved populations, who often have to balance a full-time job on top of their studies.

The importance of connecting with your students in meaningful, effective ways cannot be overstated. Students who feel valued and respected by their institution are more apt to succeed in their classes and achieve the degree they’re aiming for. Your student call center is the face of your institution, and when those representatives model respect and trust in their communications, your students are more far more likely to respect and trust their school.

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