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Your technology is cutting edge. Your services are state-of-the-art. So why are your accounts receivables stuck in the dark ages? In the face of customer attrition, declining per user average revenue, and slower subscription growth, telecommunications businesses need every advantage possible, like a new approach to maximizing the effectiveness of your accounts receivables and customer service. That’s where Windham can help.

Customer Care

Windham brings a customer-centric focus to every interaction, which improves brand loyalty and supports one-call resolutions. Efficient account management, increased revenues, and satisfied customers…that’s the Windham way.

Accounts Receivable Management

Windham provides exceptional accounts receivable management services, including:

  • 1st party recoveries
  • Dispute resolutions
  • Account reconciliations
  • Root cause analysis

And we do it with a level of efficiency and process effectiveness that increases revenues and improves cash flow.

To learn more about our advanced approach to accounts receivables for Telecommunications, Cable, and Satellite, contact one of our Telecommunications Specialists.

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Our economy depends on the smooth flow of goods through a complicated supply chain. Your business depends on a seamless flow of accounts receivables transaction at each step of the process, from origin to destination.

Customer Care and Retention

Windham will provide transportation specialists who bring operational effectiveness, industry knowledge, and a respectful approach to customer service. Work with us and watch your customer satisfaction levels increase, revenue and cash flow rise, costs decrease, and back-office processes roll along smoothly.

Accounts Receivable Management

Windham’s accounts receivable management solutions are tailor-made for the complexities of transportation logistics. With 35+ years in accounts receivables management backed by deep experience in the transportation industry, we’re ready to take on the challenges of past due accounts, dispute resolutions, and account reconciliation, all the while conforming to a complex web of federal regulations and guidelines.

To learn how we can help drive financial performance in the transportation industry, contact a Windham Transportation Specialist.

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Swipe, tap, insert, click. Each day, millions of retail transactions are processed. Tracking them and staying on top of your receivables process can be overwhelming. Windham offers retail solutions designed to keep your receivables on track while enhancing customer loyalty and building your brand.

Customer Care and Retention

Windham’s team of seasoned, expert customer experience specialists can handle your account and provide personal customer interactions with the care and knowledge your customers expect and deserve. Our goal? White glove customer service that delivers high value interactions that result in quick, complete payment resolution.

Accounts Receivable Management

High transaction volume and the variety of payment options–from credit card, debit card, electronic wallet, check, payment plan, and even cash–can quickly overwhelm your company’s receivables process. The result? A negative impact to your cash flow and your customer relationships. Windham brings decades of experience to help you keep your accounts receivables on track while maintaining high levels of customer satisfaction.

To learn how we can help drive financial performance in the retail space, contact a Windham Retail Specialist.

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Analytics and segmentation modeling are vital to penetrating accounts efficiently and successfully. Windham uses proprietary, internally developed segmentation modeling to accurately direct accounts to their appropriate treatment strategies. This targeted approach delivers superior results and shortens the collection cycle to increase your ROI.


Windham takes compliance seriously. We monitor calls to ensure we meet regulatory compliance requirements at the state and federal levels and take great care to protect personal identifiable information. We combine these results with focused client and internal performance audits to enhance our training curriculum and quality of service.

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