Outsourcing Solutions for Providers

Our custom-built outsourcing programs help physicians and hospitals enhance the patient experience across the entire lifecycle to tackle the most important business and retention challenges. With a focus on compliance centered around a compassionate contact approach, our HIPAA-compliant call center and recovery solutions help reduce costs while improving operational efficiency.

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Accounts Receivable Management

Windham’s revenue lifecycle management approach has been refined from over 35 years of successful collections and recovery experience. Our recovery programs not only help you increase your revenue, but we reduce costs while improving patient satisfaction. Our sustainable, flexible processes focus on operational improvements that enhance efficiency and the profitability of your receivables.

Self-Pay Account Management/Early Out

Increased out-of-pocket expenses paired with complicated statements can slow down payments and lead to more write-offs. Windham’s self-pay services work with patients to not only resolve today’s past due payments, but to help patients understand their statements, obligations, and repayment options to prevent tomorrow’s delinquencies.

Our solutions are custom-built to address your business challenges, not someone else’s. Our self-pay services and capabilities include:

  • Pre-certification/pre-authorization
  • Patient portal assistance
  • Patient accounting system integration
  • Patient-friendly billing
  • Inbound/outbound calling
  • HIPAA-compliant, VPN-secure connectivity to your system
  • 100% call recording
  • Proprietary validation waterfall for all accounts
  • Client-directed workflows
  • Acceptance of electronic check and credit card transactions, with payments made seamlessly to your facility
  • Monthly reconciliation of your system of record against ours
  • Multiple levels of screening for government and commercial insurance plans
  • Dedicated escalation team to handle patient concerns
  • Ability to provide statement services, including monthly patient reminders


Insurance Follow Up

Our insurance follow up services provide quick cash flow for your physician group or facility while simplifying and cleaning up your portfolio of unresolved accounts. Our team of experienced and highly-trained claims specialists work with insurance companies and patients to:

  • Identify applicable insurance
  • Address denials or coding errors
  • Secure patient payments for any remaining balance

Our client portal gives you access to your accounts, so you can view claim statuses and progress at any time.


3rd Party Debt Recovery

Windham builds customized solutions based on an analysis and understanding of each client’s recovery objectives and patient mix to  produce results in a timely and effective manner while retaining the goodwill of the patient.

Capabilities include:

  • Patient deductibles
  • Coordination of benefits
  • Insurance discovery

Our solution emphasizes:

  • Patient-first approach centered on compassionate contact and resolution
  • Customized workflows supported by client-specific training
  • 100% on-shore, U.S. based services
  • Patient correspondence series
  • Advanced technology with multi-channel contact options (phone, SMS/text, etc.)
  • Manual and automatic skip tracing
  • Heightened compliance management system that touches and monitors every facet of our process
  • Protecting your brand’s image and reputation during the collection process
  • HIPAA compliance

What is it that you want to achieve? Let us help you find the right solution.

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