Need pain relief for your ailing healthcare billing?

Windham is your prescription.

We create relationships with our clients based on positive outcomes, including member retention and satisfaction, enduring relationships with providers, and five-star government ratings. In a confusing, rapidly changing healthcare landscape, Windham’s staff can provide the support your customers are looking for and the revenue cycle management solutions you rely on.

Customer Care and Retention

From open enrollment to patient engagement, Windham’s dedicated healthcare team can help you onboard new members, ensure a smooth transition to your coverage, and assist current members. We can deliver the right amount of trained, member-centric agents at the right time to meet call spikes and provide a helpful, member-friendly staff to manage benefits questions, claims issues, and any number of member needs throughout the year.

Capabilities include:

  • Open Enrollment Staffing
  • Coordination of Benefits
  • Patient Engagement

Accounts Receivable Management

Windham’s revenue cycle management solutions balance delinquency recovery with the highest quality service and compliance possible. Whether we are working to reconcile overpayments on behalf of a payer organization or helping a member understand their deductibles and billing information, Windham uses its healthcare expertise and member-first attitude to deliver a positive experience and outcome for all involved.

Capabilities include:

  • Overpayments
  • Deductibles


Analytics and segmentation modeling are vital to penetrating accounts efficiently and successfully. Windham uses proprietary, internally developed segmentation modeling to accurately direct accounts to their appropriate treatment strategies. This targeted approach delivers superior results and shortens the collection cycle to increase your ROI.


Windham takes compliance seriously. We monitor calls to ensure we meet regulatory compliance requirements at the state and federal levels and take great care to protect personal identifiable information. We combine these results with focused client and internal performance audits to enhance our training curriculum and quality of service.

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