Strict budgets, limited staff, and ever-changing regulations make for a challenging operational environment.

Windham provides tailored lifecycle solutions to meet your individual portfolio needs, like size and specialization, and leverages strategic planning and continuous improvement methodologies to maximize results. Harnessing a host of proven services backed by smart technology, Windham offers federal, state, and local government agencies cost-effective and efficient performance to resolve debt and grow revenue.

Customer Care and Retention

Windham helps your consumers find the best resolution options available for their individual situation. We find it encourages success and optimizes consumer satisfaction. Proactive efforts can include account servicing, like sending payment reminder letters and making scheduled consumer service calls, and can be tailored to your consumers for maximum engagement.

Accounts Receivable Management

Proven recovery strategies can be immediately deployed on diverse account portfolios through our established framework. Windham’s third-party solutions include:

  • Skip-trace techniques and waterfalls
  • Educating consumers about their options
  • Assessing financial ability
  • Negotiating repayment plans
  • Proactive calling and reminder letters to help cultivate relationships with consumers to open dialogue and improve resolution success

We believe there’s more to Accounts Receivable Management than processing paperwork.  Windham takes a comprehensive approach to the challenge, offering 360-degree solutions that manage the process from day one. We provide supporting documentation and then put in place retention plans that build in-repayment agreements.


Analytics and segmentation modeling are vital to penetrating accounts efficiently and successfully. Windham uses proprietary, internally developed segmentation modeling to accurately direct accounts to their appropriate treatment strategies. This targeted approach delivers superior results and shortens the collection cycle to increase your ROI.


Windham takes compliance seriously. We monitor calls to ensure we meet regulatory compliance requirements at the state and federal levels and take great care to protect personal identifiable information. We combine these results with focused client and internal performance audits to enhance our training curriculum and quality of service.  As a result of our efforts, our higher education attestation audits have resulted in zero negative findings for more than a decade.

What is it that you want to achieve? Let us help you find the right solution.

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