How Busy Healthcare Call Centers Benefit from Customer Service Outsourcing


Influenced by the high-touch, high-quality customer service they receive in retail, today’s healthcare members expect prompt results and top-notch customer service. Since healthcare is a major expense for families, members expect even higher rates of service and hassle-free support. Properly meeting these expectations requires expertise and investments of time and money, so many healthcare call centers are turning to customer service outsourcing, reaping the benefits of knowledge and readily-available resources.

  1. Manage volume spikes for increased member satisfaction

There are countless call center factors that impact member satisfaction. At the top of the list are hold times, accuracy of information, IVR/call routing effectiveness, and handle time to answer basic questions. Open enrollment is a good example. It’s a stressful time for members, particularly those new to healthcare. It’s also a member’s first impression of your company and sets the expectation for future interactions. Customer service outsourcing during open enrollment can help you utilize additional subject matter experts in the short-term to help with this spike in call volume, keeping members happy and looking forward to their relationship with you.

  1. Increased flexibility for internal staff

Outsourcing part of your customer service, particularly for FAQs and low-tier questions like in-network PCP options, frees up your more experienced staff to handle members with complicated concerns. Segmenting your front-line provides more flexibility in scheduling and handle time. It allows your lower tier calls to get answered quickly while also giving your staff the time to properly address less frequent though more nuanced and complicated calls.

  1. Improved outbound communication

Most healthcare companies offer exclusive member benefits like gym reimbursement, telehealth vendors, and even online wellness portals. These benefits can help shape a healthier member pool, which can help reduce healthcare payouts over time. They’re also great topics for outbound communications to your members to get them enrolled in these programs and to provide updates about new features or policies. This “extra-mile” effort can make a difference in retaining members and in increasing awareness for the benefits that set you apart from your competitors. Plus, if you’re involved with Medicare, it can help increase your star rating.

  1. Reduce stress related to temporary employees

Recruiting, hiring, and training temporary healthcare call center employees can take up a lot of your HR and management teams’ time. Customer service outsourcing vendors are experts in finding agents with the skill set and industry experience you need. They’re used to the ebbs and flows of the call center environment and already have pools of qualified applicants they can pick from to create achieve service results through the right staffing configuration for your anticipated call volume and call complexity.

  1. They’re subject matter experts

A good outsourcing vendor does more than just staff your phone lines. They provide insights on how to improve your call handling and escalation processes, revamp scripts for more productive communication, update your customer service handbook, and deliver cost-effective, reliable technology your members crave.

Customer service outsourcing can provide the extra help you need to connect with your members in meaningful, effective ways. Members who feel valued and respected by their healthcare companies are more apt to select your plans in the future, take advantage of preventative programs and other member benefits, recommend you to their friends and family, and are more willing to build that all-important and hard-earned trust that’s so critical to healthcare decisions and member lifetime value.


Featured Image: Shutterstock/ideyweb

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