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Higher Education Call Center Services

Our call center support services are student-focused and center on protecting the public image of your institution through positive interactions. We draw our call center expertise from working with hundreds of higher education institutions and interactions with millions of students and parents every year.

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Recovering Payer Receivables

Our accounts receivable management solutions balance effective recovery skills with the highest quality service and compliance possible. We don't just collect. We educate, consult, and work with members, groups, and providers to find their most appropriate repayment options.

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Payer Call Center Solutions

Our healthcare contact centers increase operational efficiency and customer satisfaction during your busiest time of year and beyond--helping healthcare companies delight and retain members.

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Recovering Provider Receivables

From early out to charged off hospital and physician billing and insurance for follow up, we enhance the patient experience across your entire revenue cycle with custom-built, HIPAA-compliant patient contact and revenue cycle solutions.

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