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Get ready. Get set. Get employed.

Being unemployed—or even underemployed—can make repaying your financial obligations difficult. Trying to find a new or better job can be a great way to address this difficulty head-on. Job hunting is hard enough, but the process can be stressful too, especially if you’re unsure of where to begin. Windham wants you to succeed.

Below, we’ve identified and described some resources that may help you to reach your employment and career goals. We’re not job search experts. There’s plenty of information available online, and we’ve just gathered a few of these resources in one convenient place for you. We are not responsible for, and have no control over, the content of the following websites. We encourage you to consider these resources along with others you may identify through your own efforts.

Get Ready

Finding a job is a job in and of itself. It takes time, commitment, attention to detail, and effort. Preparation is an important aspect of a successful job hunt. Set up a work space, schedule time each day to work on your applications, and get ready to be busy.

Take a look at your online presence and consider cleaning it up. What a potential employer sees there–or doesn’t see–can influence their perception of you before you even walk through the door for an interview. Not sure how to go about it? Check out this link for some step-by-step help.

Get Set

Next, tackle your resume. Times have changed, so be sure yours is up-to-date with both content and format. Read over your resume several times to make sure you catch any misspellings, typos, or grammar mistakes., a popular job posting website, offers advice on building your resume and even has sample resumes by job type you can look at for inspiration.

Get Employed

There are many places online where companies post job opportunities, often called job boards. Several job boards are listed below to help you start your search. Some focus on recent college graduates and others can be more industry-specific or suited for a specific type of applicant.

Wherever you may fall, research and investigate multiple sites to find one that works best for your experience and career goals. Often times, you’re able to set search filters like full-time versus part-time or location, so you will only be shown opportunities that best match what you’re looking for. – Helps new job seekers and recent graduates to navigate the job search, particularly for entry-level jobs. Also helps locate internship placement opportunities. – Provides college students and recent graduates with specific job advice for entry-level jobs and internships. – An interactive recruitment media company to help college students and recent graduates find a career. – As one of the largest job search sites, Indeed consolidates listings from across many job boards in one place. You can search locally or globally. – Beyond has a number of diversified and specific job boards that caters to specific demographics and populations like minorities, women, and veterans. – CareerBuilder is one of the biggest job boards around, and it’s robust search function allows you to filter by several criteria, including: location, degree required, and pay scale.  CareerBuilder partners with news media outlets around the country and collects job listings from them. It also provides career advice and resources for each stage of your job search. – In addition to job postings, this large site offers weekly job alerts, job search advice, and a resume builder  feature. It also allows you to upload your resume for hiring managers and recruiters. – Not only does LinkedIn allow you to create your own work history profile, you can also search for jobs. LinkedIn profiles can be reviewed by job recruiters, and you can view profiles by a variety of search criteria to compare your experience and skills to those who have jobs you’d like to have.


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1. Supplemental security income, (SSI);
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