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7 Tips for More Effective Self-Pay Payments Management

As healthcare costs rise, more patients are shouldering increased self-pay responsibility, including higher deductibles, premiums, and copays. This rise in the number of self-pay payments has become a major concern for providers and physicians as self-pay patients default at a rate of 30% or more. Optimizing your revenue cycle management to include a more strategic, proactive focus on addressing self-pay…
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Empowering Students Through On-Campus Financial Literacy

In spite of having some of the best colleges in the world, the United States still falls short when it comes to financial literacy, ranking 14th behind other developed nations. 30% of adults with a mortgage in the United States are unable to perform basic interest calculations on their loan payments and only five states require high school students to…
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Improving Customer Relationships: The Four Pillars of Proactive Customer Service

A reactive customer service model used to be enough for a company to survive. However, social media and the emphasis on customer experience has made proactive customer service essential to building a loyal customer base that helps a company thrive. Proactive customer service is rooted in responsive behaviors like adapting processes and technology to better suit the needs and wants…
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How to Achieve a Customer-Centered Collections Process

It is an ongoing challenge for most collection agencies to balance achieving a client’s recovery goals and preserving the customer-creditor relationship. An angry customer isn’t just a headache for your collection teams; in this age of social media, they can be an outright threat to your client’s reputation. But by creating a customer-centered collections process, your teams can meet both…
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How Student Call Centers Benefit Busy Campus Departments

Generation Z is the most connected generation yet. From ride sharing to grocery delivery to streaming media, today’s students expect prompt results and top-notch customer service. In an effort to stay on top of this trend, many schools are turning to student call centers as solutions to strengthen their outreach, recruiting, and retention metrics. Some elect to create a call…
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