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5 Factors that Contribute to Student Loan Delinquency

When it comes to issues facing financial aid departments, the rapid increase in student loan delinquency is the top concern for most loan professionals. Analyzing data directly from the Department of Education, the Consumer Federation of America released a study in 2017 showing that a total of $137.4 billion in defaulted balances, a 14 percent increase from 2015. While there…
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7 Customer Service Phrases That Are Bound to Delight

Effectively communicating with customers is an art, not an exact science. Using customer service phrases that delight customers and humanize interactions is essential for building rapport and gaining customers’ loyalty and trust. Some of these phrases may seem simple, but they hold tremendous weight for customers hungry for focused attention and answers. They leave behind a positive, customer-first impression that…
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3 Easy Agent Strategies for Stronger Customer Loyalty

Many studies have shown that increasing customer loyalty is cheaper, easier, and more profitable than attracting new customers. One Bain & Company report, for example, said that a 5% increase in customer retention could increase profits up to 25%. Customer loyalty is easier to earn than some business leaders may think. It’s all about building better customer relationships based on…
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6 Ways to Keep Your Student Call Center Sane This January

As one semester ends and another one begins, simply returning to campus in January from the extended break can be daunting enough. Never mind the flurry of student and parent requests and questions bombarding your student call center. While January will never stop being a busy time, there are some things you and your student call center team can do…
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