Get to Know Windham

Over 35+ years of forward thinking financial recovery solutions.

Who We Are

Windham Professionals, Inc. is a privately held company that was founded in 1982 to provide collection services. Since then, we have been delivering these services professionally and ethically to hundreds of clients nationwide.  Currently, we provide 1st and 3rd party recovery programs and call center services that are customized, compliance-driven and customer-centric. Our clients come from different sectors including, but not limited to, higher education, healthcare, commercial, insurance and government.  Our company operates across four offices located in Salem, NH; Aston, PA; Las Vegas, NV; and Fair Lawn, NJ. With Windham, you benefit from the knowledge and experience of an agency with the longevity and experience of a large company, and the responsiveness and diligence of a boutique agency. We are currently under the leadership of our Executive Chairman and President, Erin Zaldastani. Under her guidance, Windham upholds our founder’s original vision:

“We believe that a handshake can be the beginning of a long-term relationship, that teamwork can surmount most obstacles, and that every honest relationship is built on trust. Loyalty, fair play and integrity still belong at the forefront of every business relationship.”

Almost 40 years of experience in an ever changing and highly regulated industry helped us create and test tools, processes and procedures that provide the best results in strict accordance with the most recent updates and changes in the industry.  Windham’s comprehensive, formal, written compliance program seeks to prevent and reduce regulatory violations, protect consumers from non-compliance and associated harms, and help align business strategies with these outcomes. Our commitment to compliance is a cornerstone of our business and gives you the peace of mind to focus on your mission, vision, values and goals.

As the industry continues to change, Windham focuses on organic growth, forging new client relationships, and expanding upon the services we provide to legacy clients.  Windham remains financially stable and we have never been bought, sold, or merged with another company. Recently, we acquired two established companies that provide specialized services in healthcare revenue cycle enhancements and commercial business to business claims.

What We Do

We ensure the cash flow your organization needs to run smoothly.

We work with your business operations team to set up payment programs for your customers. We staff up customer care centers with smart people who act as an extension of your team to collect debts, handle disputes, and eliminate the friction that slows down payment. We set up revenue generating business services for entire portfolios in a variety of industries including higher education, insurance, healthcare, and government. From contract renewals and onboarding new customers to managing invoices and collections, Windham makes sure your money is working for you.

Mission and Goals

Our motto is: People. Results. Trust. That’s more than marketing buzz. It’s our true north.

People make the difference

Our employees have an unwavering commitment to serve our clients well. Windham takes the time to know you and your business so we can understand what really matters to your organization, and why. The individuals who service accounts work as an extension of your company and ours, so each interaction is handled with pride and integrity.

Results you can see on the bottom line

Our success is based on quantitative results. We track performance and measure it against set goals monthly, weekly, and daily. We use this information to provide proactive solutions and mitigate issues that may arise. When we see success, we acknowledge and celebrate it. Then, we use it to do even better.

Trust is earned

Windham builds enduring trust with every customer interaction by using respect, knowledge, compliance and brand protection when communicating with your most important assets, your customers.

The Purpose and Products of the Company

For first-party and third-party servicing, whether collections or call center services, Windham recognizes that we are representing the client brand in addition to our own. As a key part of our culture, Windham recognizes that to be successful, we need to strike the right balance between results, customer service and compliance. The collection of past due accounts and call center customer service requires an intelligent approach, a targeted position and reliable and up-to-date technology.

Although clients are concerned about their bottom line, the manner in which accounts are contacted and serviced is paramount.

Windham is dedicated to providing:

·        Quick response times

·        A high rate of success

·        A skilled staff of professional call center representatives and supporting departments

Our Information Technology Department leverages leading-edge tools and progressive products specifically targeted towards our industry to facilitate better modes of communication, more efficient workflows and advanced reporting and tracking capabilities. Collection technology is monitored and reassessed regularly to guarantee our employees are using the most current and valuable products.

We use sophisticated voice analytics to examine the caller experience, identifying trends in service, as well as strengths and weaknesses in individual representatives. We analyze metrics such as handle time, wait time, and talk time to ensure a consistent high-quality call experience.