Helping Higher Education Organizations manage the student loan process

The complex process of enrollment, financial aid and other layers of the student lifecycle can add cost to the institution and confusion to the student experience. Windham’s one-stop consolidated service desk helps students through the process and enables the institution to focus on what they do best—educate students.

Consolidated Education Services

We improve schools’ student services processes by consolidating the myriad of services necessary to enroll, get aid, pay tuition, and satisfy any number of requirements to start the next semester or year. Windham has over 34 years of knowledge in these processes and has leveraged that to create a simplified, consolidated services center for your institution. We focus on student success and reducing student effort in satisfying the requirements to get enrolled. This enables a higher enrollment and graduation success rate as well as a reduction in cost for your school. We also offer additional services aimed at drop reduction and entering the job market after graduation. Our comprehensive treatment strategy drives higher graduation and placement rates and increases loan repayment probability.

Repayment Services

Our educational loan experts work with students to better manage their financial obligations in the most compliant manner possible to enable a positive outcome for the institution and the student. This focus on the customer and compliance, coupled with a “win-win” attitude, delivers a service you can be proud of and the borrower is happy to work with. Our account specialists are focused on the customer interaction and working with them to help solve the problem.

Financial Literacy

A well-informed borrower is a better financial risk. Our financial literacy program helps students and their families understand their loans and  payback responsibilities to avoid problems down the road.