Providing B2B clients with a disciplined account management and recovery process

Our analytics-based approach to revenue and customer management provides our clients with actionable insights into what drives delinquency and ways to improve both the customer experience and revenue growth. This focus on the customer and continuous improvement translates into loyalty, cash flow, and real revenue for our clients.

Portfolio Management Services

Our dedicated, customer-centric portfolio servicing team acts as an extension to our clients’ accounting and account management departments, creating a “force multiplier” that significantly increases receivables process efficiency while improving the customer experience, loyalty, and lifetime value.

Recovery Services

Our business finance experts work with delinquent accounts to help them meet their financial obligations in the most efficient and compliant manner possible to avoid costly mistakes and improve financial results.

Attorney/Pre-Litigation Services

Our suite of legal capabilities further ensures our clients recovery efforts. Utilizing our national network of attorneys and legal experts, we go above and beyond with capabilities including:

  • Discovery of assets
  • Judgement filings
  • Post judgement recovery

Back Office Process Management Services

Our process improvement methodology enables us to analyze and optimize the entire back office operation related to the order/invoice lifecycle. By outsourcing their back office support to our business operations support teams, our clients can focus their time and energy on other critical functional areas of growing their businesses.

Account Management Services

By developing one-on-one relationships that focus on customer satisfaction, identifying sources of friction, and minimizing customer effort, we help clients reduce their order-to-cash life cycle and improve overall AR process efficiency. Our customer care professionals help clients respond rapidly and positively to customer needs, requests, and concerns.