Outbound Marketing Campaigns – 2016


August 2016

Target:  Insurance Companies Specializing in Workers Comp Products
Channel: Email Marketing to 600 CFOs, Directors of Finance, Insurance Executives
– Workers Comp Insurance companies have complex invoices with confuse customers and delay payments.
– Companies must balance maximizing their revenue and maintaining their brand and NPS.
– Windham can clear up invoicing confusion and help with the audit process, accomplishing both major objectives.
Research: Interviews with insurance executives in several markets, as well as Windham Sales Team and research from market sources (whitepapers, web content and case studies).
– Initial Email Have Your Cake. And Eat It, Too.
– Landing Page
– Downloadable Brochure
Follow Up:
– Nurture emails to entire list.
– Calls from Windham Sales Team to any recipients who “clicked through” or downloaded.


Drip Email 1

Drip Email 2

Drip Email 3

Drip Email 4