Outbound Marketing Campaigns – 2016


September 2016

Target: Businesses with AR Challenges
Channel: Email Marketing to 8500 CFOs, Directors of Finance, Accounts Receivables Directors and Managers
– Every company has AR challenges – volume of open invoices, increasing DSO, increasing delinquencies.
– Stranded Revenue can be rescued by Windham AR Outsourcing solutions.
Research: Interviews with business executives in several markets, as well as Windham Sales Team and research from market sources (whitepapers, web content and case studies).
– Email A Test 1 (Short Email to Short Landing Page): When can you have too many customers?
– Email B Test 2 (Long Email without ‘Learn More’ button to Long Landing Page) Complicated invoices killing your AR?
– Long Landing Page
– Downloadable Whitepaper and Checklist
– Downloadable Case Study
Follow Up:
– Nurture emails to entire list.
– Calls from Windham Sales Team to any recipients who “clicked through” or downloaded.
AB Testing:
– Email A Test 2 (Short Email to Short Landing Page): Guide to AR Outsourcing.
– Email B Test 1 (Long Email with ‘Learn More’ button to Long Landing Page): Complicated invoices killing your AR?
– Short Landing Page