Outbound Marketing Campaigns – 2016


October 2016

Target:  Higher Education
Channel: Email Marketing to 8000 Admissions and Financial Aid Professionals at Private Colleges and Universities
– Only 30 – 55% of students graduate in 5 years (depending on public or private school attendance) This is called persistence to graduation.
– More than 30% of students who drop out cite financial issues.
– Windham call center solutions can bolster efforts by schools to improve these key metrics. Windham offerings are flexible and customized to each school.
Research: Interviews with Windham Sales Team and research from market sources (whitepapers, web content and case studies).
– Initial Email When your students succeed, you succeed…
– Landing Page
– Downloadable Brochure
Follow Up:
– Nurture emails to entire list.
– Calls from Windham Sales Team to any recipients who “clicked through” or downloaded.