Providing the experience and knowledge to keep your supply chain network operating at maximum efficiencies and with higher cash flows.

Rolling efficiently on the road and behind the scenes

While you provide the complex transportation and logistics solutions that ensure the coordinated movement of goods and/or people from origin to destination, behind the scenes an equally complicated series of accounts receivable management services takes place. When those behind the scenes operations are not as efficient or effective as your up-front services, accounts quickly slide into past due status, customer satisfaction drops, cash flows decline, and revenues decrease. Add to this the state and federal regulations and guidelines that permeate the industry and it can be very difficult to find service providers with the knowledge and experience to help.

The right solutions and provider

Over 34 years of accounts receivable management service, combined with a deep understanding of your industry, allow Windham to deliver the winning trifecta of knowledge, experience, and operational effectiveness to improve your processes and customer satisfaction, all while reducing costs. We support your critical customer relations and brand from a foundation of courtesy, respect, and patience as we answer questions, investigate and resolve disputes, and reconcile accounts quickly and efficiently. Work with Windham and watch your customer satisfaction levels increase, revenue and cash flow rise, costs decrease, and back-office processes roll along smoothly.