In an industry constantly adapting to new technology and products, struggling with your accounts receivable management shouldn’t be an issue.

Taking control of the game

Market disruption from multi-channel communications and shifting preferences within them, a slowdown in subscriber growth, and ARPU (average revenue per user) declines, have required companies to fight valiantly to maintain efficiencies and service levels while stopping customer attrition. Competition is fierce and your business service providers have to be able to bring experience and value to the partnership. Let Windham help you stop playing defense and start playing offense.

Differentiating levels of service

You can play the pricing game and struggle to continually repackage services and programs, but what’s going to really retain customers is a good relationship, cultivated by delivering quality service.  Windham provides exceptional accounts receivable management services such as 1st party recoveries, dispute resolutions, account reconciliations, and even root cause analysis, and we do it with a level of efficiency and process effectiveness that increases revenues and improves cash flow.

Customer-Centric Focus

At Windham, every interaction with every customer is executed with courtesy, respect, and patience. Our approach not only drives one-call resolutions, but properly supports your brand with the highest levels of customer satisfaction. Efficient account management, increased revenues, and happy customers – why wouldn’t you choose Windham?