Flexible solutions designed to keep your receivables on track while supporting good customer relations and promoting your brand.

What are you risking?

From the purchase of a pair of socks to a new power boat, the retail industry processes millions of transactions every single day.  And those transactions can be accomplished in person or electronically while using any one of many financial means: credit card, debit card, electronic wallet, check, payment plan, or even cash. This high transaction volume and the variety of payment options can quickly overwhelm a company’s receivables process, resulting in a significant, negative impact to your cash flow while also risking the relationship with your customers.

Scalable solutions topped with excellent customer care

Our service solutions span the accounts receivable management continuum, and have been refined by decades of experience to effectively handle scale while maximizing your revenues and minimizing cost.  Using their special training and skills, our Account Specialists create high-value, personalized customer interactions through which they can facilitate quick and complete resolutions with exceptional support of your brand.