The industry experience to drive down costs, the expertise to keep you compliant

Our proven industry expertise and experience can help you balance workflow, grow revenue, and improve customer satisfaction, all in a compliant environment.

Meeting tomorrow’s challenges

It is a constant challenge in today’s environment to balance your workflow while at the same time improving customer satisfaction (CSAT and NPS) and driving revenue retention. Customers are increasingly demanding self-service, increased access as well as improvement in service levels within the call center. Using Windham can help drive those improvements and give you a scalable and flexible cost structure.

Windham services

Our portfolio of insurance services include:

  • Proactive Policy Holder Retention Services (Direct Notice of Cancellation – DNOC)
  • Outbound Payment Reminders

Customer Care Inquiries including:

  • Requests for Identification Cards
  • Billing Questions
  • Claims (First Notice of Loss – FNOL)
  • Agent Support Desk
  • Eligibility / Verification of Coverage

Keeping you compliant

By leveraging our proven insurance experience and US-based call center footprint, Windham can help you improve services within a compliance-centric environment. Additionally, because of our strong process aptitude and technology support we can significantly increase efficiency and drive down cost. The net result is an improvement in the customer experience by reducing hold times, focusing on one-call resolution, and identifying revenue growth/loss mitigation opportunities.