Customizable revenue cycle management solutions for better member care and decreased delinquencies

A changing healthcare economy makes self-managing your receivables even harder, but we can help.

Our flexible solutions focus on operational improvements that enhance efficiency and profitability, including:

  • Member Care and Retention
  • Delinquency Management
  • Group and Member Premium Recovery
  • Member and Provider Overpayments
  • Extended Back Office Support
  • Dispute Resolution
  • Coordination of Benefits
  • Pharmacy Retroactive Termination Benefits

Using the same old processes doesn’t lead to increased revenue or member retention. Instead, our programs are designed to address the unique challenges of your portfolio to:

  • Identify Root Causes of Delinquency
  • Provide Closed Loop Analysis for Improved Processes
  • Drive Member Success
  • Increase Loyalty and Retention
  • Improve the Lifetime Value of Your Members

Focus on the Payer Experience and Satisfaction

Securing payment is not just making another call. It’s about high-quality contacts from knowledgeable account specialists built on respect and patience.  We create positive experiences that retain members and build long-term loyalty. Our customized solutions and in-depth training drive one-call resolutions, resolve disputes quickly, and answers members’ questions to prevent future delinquencies.