Providing financial service solutions that increase cash flow and lower costs to local, state, and federal government agencies.

The public sector challenge

Continuous pressure to reduce costs and stay within strict budgetary guidelines, on top of ever-changing regulations, is challenging government agencies nationwide.  With little money to invest in either technology or personnel, they are unable to operate as efficiently as they would like, resulting in their receivables slipping further into the red and cash flows suffering.

Approved government vendor with the service solutions you need

Windham has been an approved government vendor for over 20 years and works with your agency as a business partner bringing the knowledge, experience, technology, personnel, and resources to reconcile your accounts and improve those cash flows. Working at local, state, and federal levels, Windham provides accounts receivable management services including:

  • State fund insurance servicing
  • Violations and fine collections as related to taxes, utilities, and municipal services
  • Billings/claims resolutions tied to EZPass, parking, and tolls
  • Student loan services
  • Using the latest technology to deliver strong process/operational efficiencies, Windham provides higher yields at lower costs.

Customer-centric focus

With the public as your customer, we understand that a focus on quality service is paramount. Windham’s customer-centric focus stems from a foundation of courtesy, respect, and patience to work with the customer to answer their questions, resolve disputes, and reconcile accounts in a timely and efficient manner.  Customer satisfaction levels rise, right along with your cash flow, while costs are driven down.