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Windham has experience in many different facets of the educational industry, from miscellaneous accounts receivable at colleges/universities, private loans, and guaranty agencies, to the U.S. Department of Education.

Private Loans

Windham has extensive experience with private loans. These credit-based loans are offered to students by private lenders to fill gaps in a student’s financial aid. Private loans, unlike federal/educational student loans, are held to the terms of each individual lender.

Windham takes considerable time to understand the details of a private loan program before we begin our collection process. Our collection software system enables Windham to maintain accurate, daily account balances for private loan accounts with variable interest rates.

Cohort Default Prevention

As a collection agency, we assist colleges and universities with reducing their cohort default rate while remaining in compliance with federal regulations. Windham has a Cohort Team with a staff of account specialists that only handle the collection of cohort accounts. Our collection queues are designed for cohort collection management and resolution.

Guaranteed Student Loans

Windham has been providing collection services for Guaranty Agencies since 1984. Our strategy for maximizing guaranteed student loan collections includes efforts such as cash payments, rehabilitations, Federal Family Education Loan Program (FFELP) Consolidations, William D. Ford Direct Loan Consolidations, and (for some clients) administrative wage garnishment (AWG).  Windham also offers default aversion programs designed for the FFEL Program.

Nursing/Health Profession Student Loans

Windham has been collecting Health Professions Student Loans (HPSL) and Nursing Student Loans (NSL) since 1988. Windham account specialists are trained to identify and accurately process the deferments that typically follow Health Professions and Nursing Student loans.

Perkins Loans

Windham has been providing Federal Perkins Student Loan (formerly National Direct Student Loans) collection services since 1982. Windham is committed to remaining informed about ever-changing regulations and issues surrounding the campus based programs authorized under Title IV of the Higher Education Act of 1965 (HEA), as amended. Our collection strategy and tools are designed around the many due diligence requirements institutions are obligated to fulfill. Windham is pleased to provide for quick reference: Volume 6 ‐ Managing Campus‐Based Programs from the most recent updated version of the Federal Student Aid Handbook. Please contact us for your copy on CD.

Student Accounts Receivable (STAR)

Windham provides debt collection services for a wide variety of Student Accounts Receivable (STAR) and campus-based loan programs. In fact, STAR was the first collection service Windham provided over two decades ago.

Examples of STAR accounts include:

  • Basic tuition
  • Deferred payment plans
  • Dorm charges
  • Parent and Institutional loans
  • State/Private Education Loan Funds
  • Miscellaneous: bookstore, parking, bad checks, and library fines

Windham’s STAR collection program offers your school an opportunity to collect tuition, fees, and other miscellaneous accounts receivable – payments that are often difficult for schools to recover on their own due to staffing shortages and other budget constraints.

Memberships and Affiliations

Windham’s active involvement with organizations in the higher education community and national industry associations allows us to be at the top of information call list. Clients often contact us with requests for updated rules and regulations, as well as advice on training, state/federal laws, and compliance.

Please see below for a partial list of Windham's professional memberships and affiliations.

  • Association of Credit and Collection Professionals
  • Coalition of Higher Education Assistance Organizations
  • Colorado Association of Administrators of Student Loans and Accounts Receivable
  • Commercial Law League of America
  • Educational Account Receivables Management Association
  • Florida Association of Bursars and Student Accounting Administrators
  • Great Plains Collector’s Network
  • Illinois Bursar Association
  • Illinois Student Loan Administrators Association
  • Kansas Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators
  • Kentucky Association of Student Receivables Officers
  • Michigan Association of Student Financial Services Administrators
  • Minnesota Collection Network
  • National Association of College and University Business Officers
  • National Council of Higher Education Loan Programs
  • New England Collectors Association
  • New York State Organization of Bursars and Business Administrators
  • Ohio Bursars Association
  • Oklahoma Association of College and University Business Officers
  • Pac West Student Financial Services
  • Texas Bursars and University Cashiers Association
  • Utah Association of Student Loan Administrators
  • Vermont Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators
  • Washington Financial Aid Association
  • Western Student Financial Services
  • Wisconsin Association of Student Business Office Personnel and Administrators

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